Welcome to Princetown

The source of Dartmoor Single Malt

Welcome to Princetown

about us

Princetown Distillers are primed to produce premium, English single malt whisky that our landowners would be proud to call their own. 

Our experienced team includes those who have worked with Laphroig, Diageo and Jack Daniels as we aim to become the leading English Distillery that produces quality product.

Quick Facts

At more than 420 metres above sea level, Princetown Distillery will be the highest in the United Kingdom and conditions are perfect to create “Scotch like” Single Malt Whisky. 

We will be producing more than 0.8million Litres of pure alcohol per year (more than the combined production of every distillery in England) or the equivalent of more than 2.5 million bottles

Located on Dartmoor

Princetown Distillery

Working with the duchy

Our Heritage

Princetown Distillery is soon to be the largest producer of Single Malt Whisky in England we are the only to be built on land owned by HRH Prince of Wales, the Duchy of Cornwall.

We are constantly in touch with the Duchy who consult on the distillery development. 


Producing Premium Single Malt Whisky

Quality ingredients, Perfect location

Premium single malt whisky and spirits stored on site at our bonded warehouse

Producing spirits from Barley, Peat and other ingredients that are sourced locally

Average all year temperature of 8.3°C is perfect for the maturation process

The Distillery also sits above a natural river that will provide us with pure spring water

Distillery News

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